Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New blog update....My Newest build

ok its been about a month and there is too much to talk about..

first thing ....Greg's sitar is done and he is the new proud owner of it...

 custom string tree at work!!

ok so here is a build diary  and a bunch of photos...I figure since I don't post as much as I want...I will dump all of them on you now.......with some captions

start with a drawing

I made the template on illustrator according to to drawing of headstock #5

cutting the headstock

swirly twirl carved with small files and knives

back curve

onto the body... which I will do tomorrow!!


in other news....the HUB is dead...long live the HUB!!...twas a good run...everybody involved did great....GREAT JOB SACTO!!   To a new era in sacto showdom heres we GOOOOOOOO

went to LA with the BUKS and stayed at DUde house for a couple of days and played lots of nintendo

Thanks dudes!!...I should have gotten a picture....

I will be posting more pics soon of the sitar and ANDREW......Yours is coming soon.



  1. This is beautiful! Great work!
    -Jason Rubino

  2. Very cool! I like the blend of the "authentic" gourd with non-traditional elements.