Saturday, September 3, 2011

New stuff....and UPDATE!

Its been a while since I posted for allyall who are is the Update

1. Amy and I spent the bulk of the summer working on building a Puddle Duck Racer. We finished and took it out to Folsom Lake. We had so much fun setting it up and getting it to sail...the darn thing worked very well. It was a blast. ooops!!! While readjusting the sail rigging I bumped one of the oars into the drink...I told Amy not to jump in after it. I thought we could use the other oar to paddle over to it,,,to no avail we were blown away from the oar ...and by the time we dropped sail and I stopped paddling us in a circle, the oar was out of site...we were pretty much stuck out there. The wind changed pushing us further out and it was getting dark. Luckily though we flagged down the last boat on the lake and they towed us in telling us about the many times they themselves had been towed in...Thanks to Jason and his friends!!!! We learned a few things about preparedness and we also found out that the 'Lucille Gale' FLOATS PERFECTLY....even in big wakes... we will take it out again and do it better....
some pics------->

anyway ..I have a bunch of pic of this lovely boat being built by Amy and I.....a build diary...eventually coming soon

SO.....before the boat launch my side was hurting a bad gassssss...then it subsided and came back two fold after the launch....the pain did not go away.....then on the day before my vacation started something inside me appendix... died

acute brother J.T. had it couple of years ago is not fun...

The first guy I shared a room with coughed so loud I didn't sleep for more than 4 hours in 24... I demanded they move me...the second guy turned out to have some kind of nasty staph infection so they moved me again to next to a guy with deadly bone cancer.....I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there....but I give props to the cook in the cafeteria for saute-ing me some veggies...and Amy, Dad and GLoria, and J.T. and Larry, Idalia, Doug, The Martins for some Awesome support Thanks to all of you.... I love you you're the best

well I don't have to worry about that sill appendix anymore ... no problem....good drugs and good riddance

In the mean time I have been taking it easy and drawing a bit

I also finished my newest build for Antonia...This bike light.....L.E. --yours is coming soon.....

And Finally I updated my website to do some of the things I want it to do..

the website will have listenables soon enough right now I am sick of being on this computer ......

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  1. Glad you started this--your boat looks awesome! You guys must have gotten grandpa's appendix genes 'cause he had the same trouble in his very early days at the bank....Your mom and I were there but not Tim and Tom yet...